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I only have a small oven. If roast pots go in at gas mar5 5 and Yorkshire puds need mark 7.
How do i cook both at the same time.

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Re: Roasts

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What I do is I roast the meat and then take it out to rest , meat should always be rested as some of the juices reabsorb and the fibers of the meat relax to give a better result.
Whilst the meat is resting , I turn the oven up high and cook the yorkshire puddings.

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Re: Roasts

If the roasties have to be in the same time as the Yorkshires whack it up to 7 or 8 but put the potatoes in the bottom of the oven and the Yorkshires right at the top.  The potatoes wont come to any harm, in fact theyll be even crispier! If they look well done, just take them out an put them back in 5 mins before dishing up.

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