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Hog roasts

Who here has had one? I've been tasked with organising one for 30-40 people but I'm struggling to find anything (in my view) reasonably priced. There's plenty of companies who specialise in hog roasts out there but is it possible to go it alone, or is that a recipe for disaster?

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Re: Hog roasts

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I am sure its quite possible to 'go it alone' and I know there are forum mebers that would do just that ... but its not something that I would do.

You have to know what you are doing , if you are used to cooking very large pieces of meat on a BBQ or over a fire pit , then fair enough , but if you are not t,hen what you have to remember is that 30 to 40 people is a large number of people to feed and if something goes wrong it will be a huge problem.

If you get a company in to do the hog roast , they will come along and it will all be relitivly hassle free for you , everything will be ready prepared  , you will know that it will be well done and well cooked, you will know that the firm will have adequate insurance just case anything goes wrong.

Being vegetarian I have never had a hog roast , but , I have a meat eating family and so am used to cooking meat , I know that some of them have had hog roasts at weddings and the like. As far as I know they were cooked by a profesional.

Sorry I havnt been much help.

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Re: Hog roasts

Here's a guide where they build a simple pit out of stacked cinder blocks. … -whole-pig

How to guide … e-pig.html

Tradition is just salt I think but this recipe looks very interesting … -on-a-spit

Interesting homemade spit roasting setup … t-roaster/

Interesting Aussie Spit equipment … ie_005.htm

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Re: Hog roasts

We do a pig roast on a spit. A spit can be a great thing to have if you have the room to store it.  We mostly make spit roasted lamb but have done a whole pig before.  Can't remember how big it was but it fed 20 people with a fair amount of left overs.  We did however have plenty of side dishes which I assume will be the case for you too.

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