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Re: hello all i'm french !

Welcome to the forum chtitecali smile

It's good to have you here , please do not worry about your English , I am sure it will be ok to tell us what you want to say .
The more you join in the forum , the better it will become .
Over the time i have been here we have had quite a few forum members who have found this happens.

My French is not very good at all , but I try and often cause a few laughs along the way .
I was in Arras a couple of weeks ago and I somehow managed to buy a much larger piece of cheese than I had meant to but .. My darling face was full of shock when he went to pay and realised I had spent do much money !
Never mind , we ate some for a meal with my friend in Arras before we left and returned to Paris where we were staying.
The next day we ate a bit more , when we met Kye and he lovely husband for the day and had a picnic .
The remainder came home with us .. But sadly I did not get to eat much of it as my darling ( I discovered ) ate it .

Next time ... I might just have to buy more  lol

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