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Jubilee Romania (charity to keep girls off streets) + Gisele & Jamie

Dear bloggers,

I am doing a cooking challenge for charity: I intend to cook every single recipe from Jamie's Great Britain book and raise money for a charity called Jubilee Romania ( I cook those wonderful recipes and invite people over for dinner in my small home bistro (my converted conservatory) and those people donate for charity. Those that can't come for dinner for geographic or other reasons, can donate online through Paypal

This charity has 23 years of helping kids in Romania. At first, HIV positive children and now it keeps young girls and sometimes their babies, out of the streets of Bucharest and aways from crime, drugs and prostitution.

A big chunk of the funding has been cut off and the charity needs 5,000 per month to run,

Please, go to my page and click Make a Donation, which will redirect you to a paypal page. You can either get there through my blog: or tthough Jubilee Romania website.

Any donation helps, even a mere 1.

Thank you


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