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#4281 Thu 18 Oct 12 1:09pm


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From Almelo, Netherlands
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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hello everyone,

My name is Herma Kuikhoven. I live in Holland and (ofcourse) love to cook. My English is not the best in the world but I hope to learn great recipes on this forum and maybe can share some of my own lovely pie recipes.

For now, Im going to check out this site and hopefully be a real active member.


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#4282 Fri 19 Oct 12 1:33am


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Welcome Herma! wave

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#4283 Mon 22 Oct 12 7:02pm


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi Jamie
Love your programmes and your recipes.  I now live in Spain where certain food stuffs are hard to come by (not Maldon Salt though!!!)  but that doesn't stop me trying out the recipes.  If you ever get an offer to cook in Spain, please make sure you come inland from the Costa del Sol to Alhaurin........ you have a great following. smile

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#4284 Wed 24 Oct 12 8:22am


Member since Tue 23 Oct 12

Re: Welcome to the forums!

dear jamie
I'm a big fan become your cookery.
when I see your broadcasts, I can feel how much fun makes you cook. you cook with a casual style that makes your broadcast just awesome and you really get pleasure again cook .....

I live in Germany and our tv chefs have a very dusty and boring program in which you fall asleep almost ... except Tim Mälzer .. smile

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#4285 Thu 25 Oct 12 12:38pm


From Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Member since Thu 25 Oct 12

Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hello everyone!
I'm Vera from Russia, Saint-Petersburg.
Great website, great forum! Hope to find here lots of interesting info and maybe will be useful with russian cuisine smile

Dear Jamie,
you are one only really! I adore your show! Welcome to Russia! Your fans are waiting for you for sure! smile

With kind regards,

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#4286 Thu 25 Oct 12 2:33pm


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From Durban South Africa
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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi and welcome Vera  thumbsup

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#4287 Wed 31 Oct 12 6:39pm


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi Jamie and Fellow forumers,

I am an Indian...have spent 39 years there:-)... Love the regional food. I come from a place called Pune, near Bombay... Currently I am living in France. I love French cuisine as well...  I have seen Jamie's recipes and I was amazed.... I love to try out Indian regional recipes that can go along with the occidental food...I have joined this forum so that I can exchange new ideas with the people who are like me...who love to cook.

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#4288 Wed 31 Oct 12 7:52pm


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Welcome revati!

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#4289 Thu 01 Nov 12 10:07am


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi all, i am nearly into my 6th decade of life and most of my cooking skills have been fairly basic to say the least - and i am new to this forum.
  There is something i must say and i dearly hope that Jamie does read this at some stage.
When i first saw Jamie on TV, i put him down as a pretentious, snotty nosed, smart-arse little t**t.  I couldn't stand him!
However, the more i watched him, the more i saw inside him and the more of him i saw, the more i admired him, his work and his drive and passion for his craft.
I now truly admire him.  i wish i had been allowed to follow my dreams when i was young.  You have done well Jamie Oliver and the world is a better place for it.

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#4290 Fri 02 Nov 12 3:07am


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi Jamie & everyone!
I'm Chinese Canadian born in Hong Kong and now lives in London, Canada! Jamie, your cooking shows are so inspiring. I love the beautiful way your shows are filmed. When you cook, you are so passionate that it makes me want to make those wonderful dishes that you create. I join your site to learn to make some of your recipes. In fact I tried to make the Korma curry paste tonight and my husband said that it's one of the best curry that he's ever had! So thank you and keep up the wonderful work!

Peace & Blessings
Irene smile

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