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#421 Fri 19 Oct 12 6:14pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

I am study cook with a American chef ,i am a girl from china ,I am short so as a cook is diffucult for me . but i really  like cook ,my last wor is a translater foe a Spainish chef is why i like cook ,my qustion is how i can do the right way to improve my cook way some time i want give up that ,because my skin was broken by the hot oil ,many place .and i am sorry about my Enghlish is not good  oops

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#422 Sat 20 Oct 12 6:52am


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

a desperate cry: Jamie you need to come to Tallinn Seaplane Harbour and teach some of our cooks to make a good-looking vegetarian lunch. We have a big problem with the fact others get warm lunch, vegetarians mostly get just cold green salad leaves without even a dressing! I have had to eat my own sandwitches for  several months cause even if there is a warm meal, it is some kind of monstrous unidentifiable casserole pile with gith grits, potatoes, and whatnot all mixed together. It seemed to get better at one point, but now it has lost all its appeal for good. Some cooks are good, an older woman and a young guy from a small island who learned cooking from his granny and really makes the dishes look nice as well. But the girl cooks... they sometimes just dont care. Maybe they dont have time. But it could be overcome with better planning. There is no excuse that vegetarians get a less nutritious meal when it costs as much and we work as much as the others. I am just unhappy with this, cause I have very little time as it is and I have to prepare my lunch for work as well... but without a warm meal I get dizzy and my blood pressure drops drastically. I think the rest of us, non-vegetarians need more vitamins and minerals from their lunch as well though. Maybe we need a thorough meal planning, what ingredients to use to compensate very long hours and darkness (the museum has very dimmed lighting, our eyes get bad and the head starts to hurt, need blueberries or something). There must be a way to get a nutritious, tasty, good-looking done for less than 10 people in a short time from fresh ingredients and sensible budjet. (yeah, I guess I am daydreaming).

What a long story. It is ok if you don´t answer. I just needed to get this out again cause I am SO P***ED.

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#423 Sat 20 Oct 12 1:40pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi Jamie,

I`m from Germany. Here my Question:
Have you a great recipe of pastinake for me please?
I want to make these but I don`t know how.

Thank you for your help.

Many Greetings from Germany,


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#424 Sat 20 Oct 12 9:56pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi Jamie:

My name is Juan Morín & I am from México & I just love to cook, an even more the way you cook¡¡¡ Simply outragous¡¡¡ I would like to ask you for one of you 30 minutes meals recipe, it's the one where you make duck breasts crispy with croutons, You even put a heavy thing on the breasts so they cook flat (remember???) I use to have it but, never did it,  and then lost it, so if you could share this recipe with me I will be thankfull.
Greetings from Mexico & from a cook who admires your work.


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#425 Sun 21 Oct 12 11:01am


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Have recently started substituting white flour with brown wholemeal. So I am using more and more wholemeal recipes.  However, I have noticed the following -
some recipes do not stipulate whether you should use plain or self raising - what should be used.  b) some recipes use half wholemeal and half plain white - why can the recipe not be all wholemeal and should it be assumed that it is plain wholemeal?
Lastly when following a recipe using white flour can it be substituted like for like with wholemeal
Thanks   question

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#426 Sun 21 Oct 12 1:26pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

For Jorge, I have forgotten a lot of my German so had to look up 'Pastinake'.
You can plain boil them and toss them in butter and finely chopped herbs, or parboil and roast them with potatoes if you do a 'Sunday Lunch'. They can even be substituted for bananas if they are boiled, mashed and sugar and banana flavouring added. Use them in soups and stews - in fact practically anywhere you would use potatoes or carrots.
Hope this helps

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#427 Mon 22 Oct 12 7:52pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

What was the picture of in today's Daily Telegraph? Something savoury sliced from a roll.... looked nice. Is there a recipe?

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#428 Tue 23 Oct 12 1:16am


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

I'm attempting to reply to Charlieb1.

Hi, obviously, I'm not Jamie but I do quite a bit of baking.

A) if a recipe doesn't stipulate plain or self raising, I assume it means plain;

B) for half and half recipes, you could use all wholemeal, but you'd end up with a *really* heavy bread/ loaf etc. I tend to use 1/3 whole meal: 2/3 plain but that is my preference.

C) assume it is plain wholemeal.

D) I think "B" covers that.

Hope this is of some use.

Anyone else got some ideas?

Welcome to the forums, Charlieb1 wave

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"Cook with love and laughter ..."
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#429 Wed 24 Oct 12 1:21pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

hi jamie ..

I have a question for you .. I have a little son, 1 year old, for I always eat the hot cooking itself, I use for fresh vegetables, the season, which I mix with potatoes and then puree. whatever good has become and he found it delicious. the last 2 times is beyond me but then spoiled the vegetables, although I had the Glaesser boiled in which I have the vegetable filled, then the vegetables had put into it and it had all made ​​storage in the refrigerator. I'm really desperate and white just not what I had done wrong. can you please help me?

love greetings carina.

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#430 Fri 26 Oct 12 7:21pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Jamie, HELP!!! I love your 15 minute ideas but I don't yet have a food processor.  I've been trawling through all the different makes and what they can do, reviews etc.  Which one would you recommend?

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