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#411 Tue 13 Nov 12 6:42am


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi Jamie

I watched your TV program on 9 or 10th November in Queensland Australia and you demonstrated a 15 minute coleslaw with your home made burgers - now I made the coleslaw but it was too wet - I have a magi mix food processor - now to I use the thinner slicer for the cabbage or the coaser one?  I grated all my ingredients which was 1/4 cabbage, 2 carrots, 1 pear and half red onion but I think I should have sliced the cabbage on the thinner disc and then grate the carrot - but when you did it - it was all on one disc and then you mixed it with olive oil salt and pepper and some vinegar from the gerkins (or pickle cucumber) but it was great but I need to stop it being so wet - the only other thing I can do is slice it all by hand but I have done slaw on my slicer before and never had a problem might be the cabbage was to wet from the fridge and should have been room temperature as this has never happened to me before.

Thanks again for all your had work with the meals I really do appreciate it - I have most of all your books will need to purchase the 15 minute one now as I am watching my weight and I love that part that all of your meals have been calorie controlled only I do not know how to work out the calorie for each dish.

It is great what you are doing for the whole world with your meals - I hope people take notice and start to cook for themselves - I love cooking heaps but then I am passionate about cooking so this is why I make great meals as well but even though I am 63 years old I am still learning new ways of doing things.

Thanks for answering any questions we ask -= that is great too!!


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

I have surgery next week, with two weeks bedrest.  Need to make freezer meals for family of three who do not cook!  Trying to avoid all of the pricey takeout.  I am experienced cook, but haven't made large quantities to divide and freeze.  Just got freezer.  Love classic Italian, French, U.S. traditional food.  Can't handle too much spice or dairy.  Any brilliant suggestions?  Got the pasta sauce, minestrone and other soups thing down for large quantities, but otherwise don't usually do it.  Thanks in advance. smile

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#413 Thu 15 Nov 12 6:52pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Ouestion to a recipe in 30 minute meals
Asian salmon with nudel soup
The first part says:
red onion
soy sause
lime juice
I have minced all this in the food processor
and you write: "taste and calibrate between the sweet and salt"
to me it's salt from the soy sause and sour from the lime, there is absolutely nothing sweet about this. Is the recipe missing an ingredient? Perhaps in the translation to danish??? Or am i misunderstanding something

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#414 Fri 16 Nov 12 7:13am


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi l need some recipes with no carbohdrates in as l have type 2 Diabetic and very high blood suger levels so need some ideas thanks Beamer4. wink  wink

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#415 Sat 17 Nov 12 9:12am


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi trying to find the ingredients for the waffle.. for the epic hot chocolate thanks  alot tongue

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#416 Sat 17 Nov 12 2:08pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Firstly may I say I have never had so much difficulty signing into a website as i have this one.
My son and I have been makinf your chocolate mousse from your book "Happy days with the naked chef". After we had finished he decided he would like to try the sesame seed toffee snaps. We have followed your receipe correctly but after half an hour the sugar syrup was still clear. Eventually it started to crytalise and my son thought it had turned "golden" so added the seeds. I now have a pan full off sesame seed glup. Whart a waste!!!!!!!
I have looked at other receipes and either they don't mention water to make the toffee or they have butter or another ingregiant aswell. Cold you tell me what has gone wrong and whether <i can do something with the glup or wheter <i just bin it?

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#417 Sat 17 Nov 12 2:47pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi Jamie and his Team

When using yoghurt, creme fraiche, cream or fromage frias in cooking, how do you know which is the best one to use, but also how so you stop it splitting or curdling?

Many thanks
Ali kiss xx

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#418 Sat 17 Nov 12 9:39pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi Jamie
I was wondering if you could help me. I have a 4year old little boy who has autism. He has a very strict diet following multiple tests showing he has yeast overgrowth, nutritional deficiencies, parasites,fungals, immune disfunction. He has no gluten(we can use potatoe starch rice flour etc),casein(we use coconut milk,almond milk, almond butter etc),sugar (we replace this with xyitol, agave syrups),soya,no apples,raisins,no refined carbs only oily fish. He eats only organic foods and we limit his fruit to one per day. I was really hoping if you could tell me any recipes I could cook for him. I would appreciate it more than I can tell you, it would make our lives so much more easier.

Kind regards

Jenny Rozycki

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#419 Sat 17 Nov 12 10:38pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

welcome to the forum jennyrozycki  smile

Goodness what a nightmare for you , helping a little one through the issues that come with autism isnt easy at all and then on top of that you have all these dietry issues that you also have to deal with .
I used to help children with autism in a primary school and so I do know that all autistic children are very different and all have very indervidual needs .
Have you been in touch with your local autistic society branch ? I know that the meetings that they organise can be very helpful .
I am mentionng this as theree may be someone else at the society that can help you a bit with diet as they might be going through similar issuse.

from what I can see by your post.. your little boy

* can  eat potato starch , rice flour  ....but has to avoid all Gluten

*can use coconut milk,almond milk, almond butter etc ... but has to avoid casein .... (Does this mean he has to be cmpleetly dairy free ? I think it does but I am not sure )

*can only eat one piece of fruit a day  ...and he has to avoid sugars

*he has to avoid soya ,apples,raisins,cant eat refined carbs but can eat oily fish .

Have I understood this OK ? 

Can he eat eggs ?... I know that some children that suffer multipe allergies also have an egg allergy .

I hope that you dont mind me asking , but was the allergy testing done at the hospital ?

There are a couple of threads that might help you and the forum has several members that are gluten free.
One of the forum members that might be helpful to you is Oliviascotland, I know that in her recipe section in the foodwise part of this site she has posted varios gluten free recipes and has worked out how to make decent gluten free bread rolls.
http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/memb … Rolls/2122

this is a gluten free thread here on the forum that also might have some recipes or information in it that might be helpful

Jenny , could you give us a list of foods that your little boy likes to eat and that way it will be easier for the forum members to help you .
I am sure there will be forum members that will come up wth recipes that will be suitable.
Please do keep calling in the forum and join in the varios thread as I think that as time goes o this might be a useful place for you to get ideas or to bounce ideas off other people.

The forum has been fairly quiet recently and to draw this to other forum members attention I have started this thread, do kee checking it to see is anything has been written on it , it may take a while to get some recipes together but I am sure that there will be a few recipes posted in time.
http://www.jamieoliver.com/forum/viewto … 44#p688544
if you subscribe to the thread yu will get email alerts when someoe writes on it.
meanhile of you could g to the thread and write a few lists of what your little son likes to eat , what he can eat and what he really dislikes then it might be helpful .

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#420 Sat 17 Nov 12 11:13pm


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

aliegarr wrote:

Hi Jamie and his Team

When using yoghurt, creme fraiche, cream or fromage frias in cooking, how do you know which is the best one to use, but also how so you stop it splitting or curdling?

Many thanks
Ali kiss xx

I use them all when cooking, depending the recipes. Fromage frais i use mainly for sweet dishes, fat free it is seldom used to cook with.

Somewhere on this post i answered a person for the same splitting/curdling cream problem...
Heat the cream slowly apart, never add it to a hot mixture when its cool. It has to be slowly heated until it reaches the same temperature of the dish you want to add it to, otherwise it will split.

This post will help also: http://www.jamieoliver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=56820

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