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#11 Thu 04 Oct 12 8:57am


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From Scotland
Member since Wed 06 Apr 05

Re: Hello

Congratulations, Cindy!  And how lovely to see you back on the Forums - you've been missed  big_smile

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#12 Thu 04 Oct 12 4:04pm


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From The land of song.
Member since Tue 04 Oct 05

Re: Hello

wooohooo Sadie -Hoshi / Cindy  clap so good to 'see' you again  big_smile
And getting Married .. so exciting  big_smile

Have you tried those once a day non- drowsey hayfever tablets , I have found then to be ok.

Sounds like you have had your hands pretty full these days and are pretty busy.
Loking forward to finding more out about the wedding .

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#13 Mon 05 Nov 12 3:20am


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Occupation Registered Nurse
From Adelaide, OZ
Member since Tue 03 Aug 04

Re: Hello

Well, the wedding is over and done with and all the rellys have gone home.

We had a great day and few days with family. It was sad to see them go. Now it is time to reorganise the house and go back to work.

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#14 Mon 05 Nov 12 6:37am

The White Rabbit

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From Sydney, Australia
Member since Tue 22 Jun 04

Re: Hello

Glad you had a great day!

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#15 Mon 05 Nov 12 8:05am


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Member since Fri 19 Nov 10

Re: Hello

thumbsup  big_smile viva gli sposi!

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#16 Mon 05 Nov 12 10:35am


Occupation Totally food obsessed bookkeeper
From Melbourne, Australia
Member since Wed 13 Aug 08

Re: Hello

Congratulations Cindy! I was born in Adelaide but haven't been back for years! Good luck with everything.  clap  clap

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#17 Mon 05 Nov 12 11:53am


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From Melbourne Australia
Member since Sun 12 Apr 09

Re: Hello

Congratulations Cindy, I hope you are in honeymoon land even while facing housework and paidwork! Sending lots of best wishes! smile

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#18 Tue 06 Nov 12 10:34pm

Kiwi Kris

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From New Zealand
Member since Sun 09 Jan 05

Re: Hello

Congratulations from me too on your recent wedding, Cindy!!!...welcome back to J.O. Land & for letting us ALL know your such happy news!!! big_smile

Oh! P.S. ...I'm wondering whether any of your Kiwi relatives 'flew' over for your BIG DAY?!  wink ...take care & best wishes again to you both!!!

Happy New Year/2015 to you ALL! :-)
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#19 Thu 08 Nov 12 4:27pm


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From North Carolina
Member since Thu 15 Jul 04

Re: Hello

Congratulations Cindy!

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