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cooking beans

hi to all

Im from brazil, and one thing that i noticed is that normally, when jamie needs some dish that uses beans (chilli con carne, for example, from "ministry of food") Jamie sugegsts to buy it canned.
I know beans can be tricky to do, but using a pressure cooker it can be quite simple:
Here in brazil, a basic recipe is to put 3 liters of water for each 1/2 kg of beans, and, once the water boils, close the cooker and counts 30/35 minutes (instead of the 3 hours of boiling without this cooker). After that, just fry an onion, some bacon and sausage, and put into the cooker with the beans, correct the salt, let it boils for more 5 minutes wihout the cover, and its done.

I dont know how common a pressure cooker is in england, but it can speed up cooking meat and beans quite a lot. Here in brazil they are quite common, because of that.

Hope you enjoy!

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Re: cooking beans

Hi Lucian  big_smile

I never buy them canned, i let them soak overnight, rinse, then either use the pressure cooker or the slow cooker..depending on the time i have.

I have no idea if pressure cookers are used in England.

Thankyou for your recipe.

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Re: cooking beans

I have a pressure cooker but I never use it.  I'm a little scared of the lid blowing off.

I usually soak beans over night but only if I am making a soup that features that bean.  Otherwise if I need beans in a salad or a chili I just open a jar.  They're good like that too just make sure you rinse them well before you use them.

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Re: cooking beans

I do use some canned beans as they are convinient to have on the shelf.

I do not have a pressure cooker anymore , we used to have one years ago which we did not use very often.
Pressure cookers used to be fairly common in the UK in the 70's but seem to have fallen out of popularity for many years. Now not so many people have them , but I have noticed them a lot more over the past couple of years as I think the designs have inproved and the tv chefs are sometimes using them.

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Re: cooking beans

I appreciate that Jamie uses tinned beans to make his recipes really accessible, but for myself, I SO agree with you Lucianoloder!

Once used to the process, pressure cooking beans is so quick (yes I soak them over night, but it is a minute to put them to soak, a couple of seconds to rinse them, and then 5 - 15 minutes in the pressure cooker) and they taste so much nicer (IMO) than tinned. Plus so much cheaper! Blackeyed beans don't need to soak at all.

Pressure cookers are in a bit of a resurgence, I have noticed new cookbooks coming out the last few years, after none for decades! Here is a lovely website full of information and idea: 

Kou, if you have a modern pressure cooker it would take quite a determined effort to blow it up!

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