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Jamie's chocolate and vin santo pot

Hello all!

I had Jamie's chocolate and vin santo pot on Friday at the Canary Wharf Jamie's Italian. It was incredible! In my top 3 of all-time puds.

Just wondered whether there's the recipe for this anywhere. I would love to eat it every day (well, maybe once a week).

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Jamie's chocolate and vin santo pot

welcome to the forum pau1martin  big_smile

we were at Jamies Italian last week and my darling ate the same desert and raved about it, however he did feel that the 2 very very tiny buiscuits on the side could have been a bit larger , they were barely a bite size.
he would also have liked a bit more nut texture scattered on the top.
Bit dispite this it was I am told a very enjoyable desert and he is keen to try it again.


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