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#1 Sat 17 Nov 12 10:46pm


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Help needed for a little 4 year old boy with autism and dietry issues

I have just seen this post on the thread that Jamie started
" Ask me a cooking question "
new forum member jennyrozycki has cme to the forum to ask for recipes to give to her little boy
The post I have copied below ,  can be found at post 490 on
http://www.jamieoliver.com/forum/viewto … 0&p=49


Hi Jamie
I was wondering if you could help me. I have a 4year old little boy who has autism. He has a very strict diet following multiple tests showing he has yeast overgrowth, nutritional deficiencies, parasites,fungals, immune disfunction. He has no gluten(we can use potatoe starch rice flour etc),casein(we use coconut milk,almond milk, almond butter etc),sugar (we replace this with xyitol, agave syrups),soya,no apples,raisins,no refined carbs only oily fish. He eats only organic foods and we limit his fruit to one per day. I was really hoping if you could tell me any recipes I could cook for him. I would appreciate it more than I can tell you, it would make our lives so much more easier.

Kind regards

Jenny Rozycki

I am hoping that we can come up with some ideas that can help Jenny and her little son.

any ideas ?

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#2 Sat 17 Nov 12 11:22pm


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Re: Help needed for a little 4 year old boy with autism and dietry issues

For Breakfast;- Rice flakes make a good porridge for breakfast as does quinoa, cooked with either almond or soy milk and sweetened with acceptable sweeteners. Dried cranberries or blueberries on top or some toasted almond flakes for variety.

Using a standard recipe. Powdered soy milk makes a good milk substitute in baking and also in custards and other deserts. You can make an acceptable custard with pure corn cornflour and soy milk. Use free range eggs if allowed: flavourings and sweetening from the allowed ones.

I use the Tofutti brand products for most other dairy free substitutions and Nuttilex or woollies dairy-free margarines for baking. Example, For cheesecake I substitute an equal amount of the Tofutti (better than cream cheese) instead of regular cream cheese or ricotta. That brand can be hard to get sometimes but it is worth having and not expensive.

Quinoa also makes a good savoury grain as well and can be used as a substitute in things like tabouleh, or a steamed mixed grain salad containing black rice and a mix of other whole grains with a dressing of oil/vinegar and herbs.

I hope this helps a little.

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#3 Sun 18 Nov 12 9:26am

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Re: Help needed for a little 4 year old boy with autism and dietry issues

We have a gluten free thread which may help

A lot of gluten free recipes and websites are dairy free too. Though sugar is sometimes the star player in bakes recipes so you'll probably have to hunt through various blogs or recipe sites to find suitable items.

Keep a look out for a book called "Friendly Food" it's a low food chemical cookbook from a group of dietitians in Australia. It's mostly about allergies but you may find it suitable in part.

Rice flakes cooked up with water and sweetened (I usually use brown sugar and sometimes a bit of baby pear puree) are really nice for breakfast.

I make crepes with 3 eggs, 1/3 cup gluten free flour (check the packet to make sure the flours suit but they are usually a mix of potato starch, rice flour, etc) and 3/4 cup of milk (you could probably substitute one of the other milks). A little melted butter in the mix can help it taste less gluten free. My toddler eats this without sugar, or rather did until she discovered sugar.

Quinoa rocks so I hope he likes it. It was the one thing I was wary of as too health food shopy but it's great.

So no recipes but if you can tell us what kinds of things you want to cook maybe we can suggest some things.

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#4 Sun 18 Nov 12 11:02am


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Re: Help needed for a little 4 year old boy with autism and dietry issues

I'd try having a look at some Paleo websites - you'll find some really easy-to-cook and delicious recipes.  Some of my favourites are:


It's probably also worth doing some research on the GAPS diet for him.

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#5 Sun 18 Nov 12 2:16pm


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Re: Help needed for a little 4 year old boy with autism and dietry issues

looks like there is almost the same conversation going on in a thread just above this one, "no wheat no dairy" by fluffballs.

Odd that but there might be some ideas in the both of them that can cross over.

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#6 Sat 05 Apr 14 8:46pm


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Re: Help needed for a little 4 year old boy with autism and dietry issues

We eat Paleo as well. This site www(dot) paleoparents(dot)com and their book, Eat Like a Dinosaur , is where I got started. (I am not allowed to post links yet, so just put in punctuation where I put the word 'dot'. They also had a son with food issues, who was helped with this diet. Basically, you eat lots of veggies, some fruit and nuts and animal protein. Legumes (including peanuts), dairy (except butter sometimes) grains are avoided. Because things are made from scratch, there are no preservatives and I found that with myself, my moods stayed pretty even and mellow. It can also help the immune system. My ds had a reaction to accidental gluten after a month on the Paleo diet and his reaction lasted only 2 days instead of 2 weeks, the reaction site was minimal and didn't itch as it usually does. So I am pretty much sold on this way of eating.

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