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#1 Fri 23 Nov 12 4:05am


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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today .

( sorry I am late posting its 3am here and I havnt long got home from London .. Train was delayed because it had to wait for a driver !!!)

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#2 Fri 23 Nov 12 5:22am


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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks Mummza!  I had a nice quiet day at home!!!

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#3 Fri 23 Nov 12 1:36pm


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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks!  The meal was excellent and we now have loads of leftovers.

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#4 Fri 23 Nov 12 6:11pm


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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you.  It was great!

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#5 Sat 24 Nov 12 1:34pm


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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Yes it was wonderful, we were lucky enough to have hosts that bought a heritage breed turkey and brined it before roasting.  It was excellent.  Lots of fresh veggies on the table too and the pies were amazing.  No left overs for us which is a good thing as I simply cannot look at turkey after T-day.

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