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I like cooking with fresh lemongrass, as you know it comes in bundles of 5 or so stalks, once i've used what i need, i end up freezing them in freezer bags, when i go to use it again, they tend to be watery and a bit mushy, has anyone mastered how to preserve lemongrass and it remains very close to fresh?

Thanks in advance for any tips!

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Re: lemongrass

I learnt that they should be frozen sparsed out on a tray or plate completely before being placed in freezer bags (air pushed out)...

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Re: lemongrass

I don't know about lemongrass, but most stiff fruit/veg/herbs go soft when you freeze, because the cell walls burst. I'm not sure there's much you can do about it.

How is the flavour? Is it spoiled at all? If the flavour is good, you could try chopping it or making it into a paste before freezing, to make it easier to use when you defrost it. Would that help? How do you usually use it?

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Re: lemongrass

My wife uses lemongrass extensively in Thai cooking but it can be bought here in small quantities and is so cheap, we have not considered freezing it.

However, I read some time ago an article on freezing chillis. The gist was that they should be frozen separately (as Kye says) and very quickly.The suggestion was to use dry ice to decrease the freezing time and when required, use straight from the freezer without defrosting.

I cannot say whether this will work with lemongrass but it may be worth trying.



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