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Hi Guys and Jamie,

What do you think about putting mint with beef? I made some burgers last week and i have trouble getting the taste compliments correct. I put in cummon, cracked chillie, salt/pepper, wholegrain mustard, garden dried parsley and bread.

What ways can I improve this dish? smile

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Re: Burgers

I've used mint with beef before and it works well in many dishes.  But to be honest, most people like their burgers to be "pure" with no spices in them and I tend to stay away from overly complicated burgers.  Get some very good beef and cook it properly and put it on a bun.  Let the toppings enhance the meat.

Other times I have made stuffed burgers which I stuff with a compound butter.  It allows me to cook the burger all the way through because eventhough I enjoy a medium-rare burger there are times I enjoy a well-done charred burger as well.  Anyway when I form the patties I put a tbsp of compound butter right in the center and when it cooks it melts into the meat and flavors it and keeps it super moist.  You could make a compound butter with any herbs/spices that you like, including the ones you listed above.  Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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Re: Burgers

I agree , some of the best burgers are made from good quality meat and little else.
My idea wold be similar to koukouvagia plainer burger and tart it up with the toppings. You could use fresh mint leaves in the toppings..

I always cook burgers till they are cooked well in the center , but not charred o the outside , to do this I keep turming them .
(Personaly I am wary of some pathogens like ecoli and cooking medium rare burgers is one of the risk factors , as I cook these burgers for others and ot myself I would rater cook them cooked through)

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Re: Burgers

A topping of yogurt or sour cream mixed with mint and scallions would be nice on a burger.

If you want to flavor the beef, you might like Jamie's recipes:

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Re: Burgers

There is an Indian dish that I do which is usually made with lamb mince and a fair whack of mint.  I use beef mince instead and it's just as good.  The mint really complements the meat in my opinion.

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