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Big help please!

Hi everybody, it's been a while since I visited you and I miss you!
I've been very busy work wise but you guys are on my mind  big_smile

I need a big help from you, yesterday I got brackets in my teeth  shocked and its a real challenge to eat now and it should be for a few more days. Yesterday I had soup for dinner with some bits of fish and soup seems to be the only thing I can easily eat at this stage. Can you guys help me with some high protein recipes for soups please?

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Re: Big help please!

Hi Sergio,

I work for Jamie's youtbube channel. We are currently looking to record some questions for the food team to answer for upcoming videos.
This is a great question and I am sure you will get some wonderful responces from the forum members but if you would like to ask Jamie's food team and possibly be featured on the channel add 'jamiefoodtube' to skype and we can record the question.



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Re: Big help please!

Hi Sergio wave

My son can only eat soups when his wisdom tooth plays up, so until he has it operated i eats high protein soups.

Four bean soup is great: … fault.aspx

Spicy beef and bean, chicken and bean, tomato dill shrimp. He also eats avocados, salmon, crab, soft cheeses. Baked potatoes with grated parmesan and leeks.

I found this thread for you... … Soups.aspx

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Re: Big help please!

sergio nice to see you back , you should call in more often .

It was only for the first few days that my family used to find it painful and sore to eat so they just ate soft foods that they fancied.
( and yes this was used to their advantage to get those lovely soft sweet deserts !)
After those first few days the discomfort would settle down and they would be back to normal with their meals , just being a bit careful of the brace.

soft warming casserole type dishes that have been slow cooked for hours so the meat is almost falling apart with mashed potato was good. with plenty of rich norishing gravey.
I  often mash something like parsnip or sweede into the potato as well .

savory rice, with small chopped saute vegetables added.

Very fine noodles with fine chopped veg or meat and a good sauce.

Fish... fish is soft and so that shuls also be fine to try and eat.

Not much puts my family off their food as you can see !

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Re: Big help please!

Scrambled eggs are high in protein and need no chewing . Just make them over a low heat and constant stirring so they come out with a very small curd .

Did you have to have any teeth extracted for fitting the braces?  I would avoid spicy foods or gritty foods( things that have small hard pieces) if so.

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Re: Big help please!

Lentil soup. If you use red lentils they will disintegrate into a puree once cooked. I fry onions, carrots and potatoes, diced small, then add the lentils and some ham stock. I use a pressure cooker to cook til the lentils are soft; on the hob it takes about an hour and a half boiling. once the lentils are done, the other veg will be very soft. You can use a hand blender or potato masher to make it totally smooth if you want.

This is high in protein and very comforting. Sorry about no quantities, I do this by eye and the amount of lentils depends on individual taste anyway - some like it quite thin, some so thick you can stand your spoon up in it! In any case, it thickens as it stands.

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Re: Big help please!

Hi sergio1972,

When my daughter had to have some major dental work and braces as a follow up, she could eat food that was made with finely minced beef, pork or chicken.

Meat balls were her special favourite because of their soft texture but she still felt as if she was getting something other than soup.

Soft boiled, poached or scrambled eggs with warm bread, toast was too hard to eat.

Poached chicken finely minced and made into dumplings poached with some very finely chopped veggies and noodles, mournay's are out of fashion but she could eat those as well.

I would have made her fish because of how soft it is, but she doesn't like it. Fish cakes, fish poached, fish in white sauce etc.

Nothing crumbed or crusted though, that tends to get into the braces.

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Re: Big help please!

Dim Sum is prety soft. Vietnamese Pho is something I had in BanhMi 11 last week, seriously tasty. Minestrone is a good one that Jamie has online somewhere.
Are Brakes brackets the same as braces?
I had a brace as a tenager for a while, what a pain that was.
Good Luck.

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Re: Big help please!

polenta dipped in a good toccio, ask Ashen about this

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Re: Big help please!

Hi everybody!
Ok first things first: as I said, I really miss you guys, unfortunately (or better, fortunately) I've been very busy with my trainings. Its the first year of my company and I'm all alone which means Im doing everything from scratch, translating manuals, power point presentations, booking rooms, finding students, getting them to book the trainings, bank accounts... roll
But it's good to be back. In Portugal we have a saying that says something like "The good soon always returns home" so I'm back!

Now, thank you all so much for your help.
Until yesterday I've been eating soups with vegs, lentils, soy, sometimes I'd mix some grinded meat or fish.
Yesterday I made a fish pie and I managed to chew it without much effort.
The doc said this should last for 2 wks, yupiii...

So thanks Kye (Hi little duckie ) big_smile , Mummza, Ashen, hippytea, birdymum, goose and of course Grandma (ciao bella  wink )

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