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#11 Sat 01 Dec 12 9:39pm


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Re: Where to buy purple carrots - online if possible.

mummza wrote:

andyo wrote:

hello jamie please could you tell me how to make chinese chicken curry sauce exactly how the chinese takeaway do it many thanx Andy  and look forward to your reply . smile

Welcome to the forum andyo smile

As far as I know many of the Chinese takeaways use a powdered mix to make the curry sauce .

I'm sure there is a thread somewhere on here where GeoffP gives a definitive answer..

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#12 Sun 02 Dec 12 12:03pm


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Re: Where to buy purple carrots - online if possible.

For anyone looking for 'pretty' carrots......Asda are doing a mixed (white, yellow & purple) tray in their veg aisle (I saw them yesterday).

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#13 Sun 02 Dec 12 9:25pm


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Re: Where to buy purple carrots - online if possible.

I read somewhere Purple was the original colour of the carrot. I had some of our market in Bavaria. U.K. Waitrose is a good idea. Possibly Riverford Organics also. Both , I think do online. Good luck.
P.S. Our purple carrots were orange inside; this made them look even cooler. They were Über fresh and Über tasty.

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