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Sage and Onion Yorkshire Puds

Hi, I would like to make some sage and onion yorkshires for Xmas dinner this year does anyone have a great recipe?

I had a trial run last Sunday, flavour was nice but and they didnt rise and were very dense and dumpling like ....... I like a well risen and light yorkshire pud smile yummy  yummy  yummy

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Re: Sage and Onion Yorkshire Puds

Hi Henbur,

I use this recipe: … e-puddings

... always works really well for me.

You should get a good rise as long as the fat is screaming hot when you add the batter - and don't open the oven door until they've finished cooking.

Also, I like to let the batter stand for at least 1/2 an hour before cooking.

Best of liuck.

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