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Fortunately, my family loves a laugh, and our experience at Jamie's Kitchen, Cardiff, has given us material for years.  We'd so looked forward to it for months - I hope Mr Oliver himself gets this information from his staff before he hears it from me - it was terrible!  I'm not even angry, just gutted.  Where to start?  Well, the staff were very pressured and stressed, but I have no complaint about them, and we tipped heavily given the way they tried dutifully to admit that the food was clearly pitiful without actually blaming anyone.  We got three dishes wiped off the bill without asking.  The staff could comfortably observe the comedy of the dishes we were served. A few millimetres depth of 'risotto' which looked like some grey variety of undercooked, tasteless rice in sperm.  A hilarious 'lamb stew', which was a bowl lined in pastry, in which damp had crept in.  After it was sent back, a new dish was brought, and after we'd all looked in the pastry, (poor waiter included), we all admitted that there was possibly one piece of lamb in there.  And there was!!  Result.  One tiny piece, and we were all too embarrassed to call the staff's attention to it again.  Awful, awful, awful.  I'm not even going to blah on about the rest of the horrors we were served.  As I say....I'm not angry, but I am SHOCKED!  We eat out as a family once a week, but never has this degree of hilarity ensued.  Terrible food, good (if shame-faced) service, but stories to tell the grandchildren for ever.   mad

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Re: Disappointed!!

Welcome to the forum Migimoo  smile

(First of all you might want to edit the bit about the tasteless rice .. Don't think that's what you would have meant .. Expect its one of those typo's)

I am sorry that everything seemed to go wrong for you , I have had quite a number of good meals at Jamie's Italian in Cardiff . I did have one meal that had a problem but that was put right very quickly and I was given a free drink whilst I waited for the dish to be cooked again for me and I was also given a small reduction on from the bill.

I have to say that Cardiff is the wrong place in the UK to be lacking lamb in the meat pie ... Here we all know what an important part of our farming those lambs are .here in Cardiff  I would have thought you would have got extra lamb not less !  lol (sorry you did say you like a laugh ).

I know that complaints are taken seriously and I am sure this will be looked into.

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