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Which Icing For Christmas Cake

This is the first year I've baked my own Christmas cake and I must say it was easier than I imagined. Onlie commuities, Youtube and various websites are great for  advice and ideas ad it is advice I'm after today.

Made my own marzipan yesterday (Saturday) and was surprised at how easy it was. But I must confess I think I rolled it to thin. How do I keep the cake until it's iced  just covered with a cloth or pop it back into the tin which was its home this last month or so?

Next Saturday the icing! I seem to have three choices  Royal Icing or fondant icing, or shop bought. But since I've  went this far on my own I'd like to give the shop bought stuff a miss!

So what's the pros and cons of each. Remember this is my first Christmas cake and which do you go for?


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Re: Which Icing For Christmas Cake

I always used royal icing.  Put the cake in its tin until you're ready to marizpan it.  Would be good to wrap it in greaseproof paper/baking parchment first.  Presume ou'll want to 'feed' the cake with brandy, or something during that waiting time.
You'll need to brush the outside of the cake with heated apricot jam, for the marzipan to stick to.  Not really too important how thick the marzipan is but it's a good idea to have it a reasonable thickness and then you can use it to cover any cavities, or knobbly bits on the cake.  Then leave the cake to store again for about 2 days minimum.  Then the icing.  Again, you'll be better brushing with apricot jam (just the jelly bits).
I wish you luck.

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Re: Which Icing For Christmas Cake

I'd definitely go with royal icing - it's remarkably easy, and gives a lovely result.  Usually, I keep the cake in its tin until I'm ready to put on the marzipan and icing, and it usually gets given a good slug of brandy once a week until then.  As you've already put the marzipan on it, I'd wrap it tightly in greasproof paper and clingfilm until you're ready to ice it.

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