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Re: Ready, Set, Cook Discussion Thread

Hello elanaki_4, welcome.  You may want to start a new topic so that more people will notice your question.  You can do this by selecting 'Forums' at the left side of the page, the select 'Food and Wine' and then 'Post New Topic'.  Good luck!

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Re: Ready, Set, Cook Discussion Thread

Hi elenaki_4, you'll find lists of Greenwich Butchers below: … eenwich+gb

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Re: Ready, Set, Cook Discussion Thread

Its a new year and I wondered about restarting the Ready set cook thread.  I  know I have become a little lazy over the last few months - allways meaning to do the challenge but ......., but this year I promise to try harder (it will do me good )

What does every one think, I don't mine posting the monthly challenge if that helps ( though ideas would be greatfully recieved ) Staying with the idea of two indgredients and / or a dish.

How about starting with a cupboard clean for the new year

January 2013

We all have something hiding at the back of the cupboard - that impulse buy that didn't get used / something left from Christmas.

This months challenge is to clean out that larder and confess to those unwanted items then select two get cooking and give them a new lease of life.

I know I have 2 jars of mincemeat that need using, as well as a huge piece of blue cheese.

Whilst with the cheese, I loooove cheese cake, but haven't made one for years, and have never made a baked cheesecake.  So with that in mind this month shall be the cheesecake - sweet/savoury baked/unbaked your choice.

So come on every one, lets inspire each other to get cooking new ideas for 2013


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Re: Ready, Set, Cook Discussion Thread

Nice Yammy,  for something different give a choice of all three.

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