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#1 Thu 10 Jan 13 12:58am


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Which Ovens / Microwave to buy (does Jamie use on his show)?


So first off I know Jamie's choice of oven maybe be backed by sponsors, BUT the Samsung dual oven looks pretty cool for a space saving tech/gadget point of view.

samsung . com /uk/consumer/home-appliances/ovens/electric-ovens
(Sorry have to take the link apart as could be Spamming for Jamies pay masters smile
(Unfortunately to combat spam we do not allow users who registered less than a week ago to post links)

So I'm putting in a new kitchen.
Thinking of getting one, but a couple of questions
Is it worth paying the extra price to get the Steam Version?

Also does anyone know what they unit is next to the Oven on his 30 minutes cooking show?
As if a Combined Microwave/Oven, would look nice in a stack with the above Dual oven
I'm thinking its a Microwave or combined Oven Microwave, but not on the current Samsung site (have emailed them, but they're useless at getting back to me).

Thanks for tips and Oven spotting, in advance.

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#2 Thu 10 Jan 13 8:31am


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Re: Which Ovens / Microwave to buy (does Jamie use on his show)?

Welcome to the forum Compact101 smile

I am sorry I have no idea which oven is used in his 30 minute meal shows , what I have noticed is Mr Oliver varies the kitchens that he used in his shows , a bit like in all his shows where he  cooks on all manner of things from open fire pits , that lovely little St. Lucia coal pot , wood fired ovens ,old Aga type cookers etc etc .

I  sorry that I am not much help .

With microwaves , my friend has one with a steam cooker function , she does not use that part of it . I think buying such an appliance you need to think about what you cook and how you cook before making such a decision.

If I am buying a major appliance such as a cooker , I always start by reading up about ones that I like the look of and I also check out the 'which report ' to see what is recommended.

( for those that don't know the Which report is a consumer magazine where items are tested and rated in order of the function and performance , they go through some fairly rigorous testing procedures )

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#3 Thu 10 Jan 13 9:44am


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Re: Which Ovens / Microwave to buy (does Jamie use on his show)?

Thanks for the quick reply.
The kitchen in the show is the one in a large victorian converted warehouse/factory.
White painted brick, behind him is a large sink (looks like made out of white ish marble) and the appliances are set a waist level in nice wood units (not too high).
Also if you reconstruct the link there are some videos of Jamie on the Samsung site in his kitchen.
(Hopefully Samsung will pull their finger out and tell me what it is )

But yes, I signed up to Which (£1 a month smile and have done lots of reading.
The Dual cook feature on the single oven has had good review from users.
I've not heard so much about Steam, it seems to be new over the last few years, just wondering.
As this is my second kitchen and I'm starting to cook more but wanting to future proof a little as hopefully I'll be cooking a lot more.. And who knows such a feature might get me eating more healthily

Again thanks.

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#4 Wed 13 Feb 13 10:36am


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Re: Which Ovens / Microwave to buy (does Jamie use on his show)?

For those who wish to know,
Samsung were a shower of the preverbial, but a lovely lady from JamieOliver.com emailed me with the answer.

The Oven is the BQ1VD6T131 Dual Cook Steam Electric Oven
The Combi Microwave is the FQ115T001 speed oven

The new ranges are coming out in June, so I'm going to wait until then, in hope the 2012 range drop in price smile

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#5 Tue 12 Aug 14 8:54am


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Re: Which Ovens / Microwave to buy (does Jamie use on his show)?

I have a steam oven and I have just started to blog some of my steam oven recipes, I would love for you to follow me and we could /swap share recipes.


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