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Re: New shows by J. Oliver

Who knows where Jamie's food journey will bring him next!?


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Re: New shows by J. Oliver


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Re: New shows by J. Oliver

I am still trying to find out how to download some pictures of my "cookings" , somewhere where Jamie can see them also... Good job Jamie! I hope your energy will last long, long time!  clap  smile

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Re: New shows by J. Oliver

You can either load small images in the 'blog' section or you can use a photo storing software such as Flickr or Photobucket, etc. and link to those photos within forum threads.  You can not load a photo to be viewed within a thread on the forum at this point.

You can also load photos in some of the other sections - have a look around at the Food Revolution, etc. and I believe you can also load videos in the members' videos section.

(Sorry, the site's just gone through major changes, so I hope that is up-to-date information)

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