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Re: Love all my JO products except graters broke in a month.

Christian500 , I don't think anyone thinks your post is spam but there were a load of spam posts on this thread which have been removed.
When there is spam on a thread we generally put in a report then mention that we have done so on the thread so that others know its already been reported.
This weekend there has been a vast amount of spam on the forum that wine-o has discovered and reported all the posts , at least 50 posts in total I believe .
This site has just undergone a revamp and in this there seems to be a problem with the spam filters which I am sure will be sorted out as soon as possible .

So please don't worry , it's not you being thought of as spam.

Have you tried the link to the contact form ?

I know that it's generally best to contact the manufacturer , but with any luck someone in the office might be able to forward on your problem to the relevant people. I am not saying that this will happen , but it has sometimes happened in the past.

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Re: Love all my JO products except graters broke in a month.

Christian, if you refer above to my post (#13), in the 4th paragraph, I have written "... not that I'm suggesting that you're suggesting ...".

I have a couple of his pans and they have the manufacturer's name as well as his. More room on the base of a pan than a grater though to include such details hmm.

I agree, it is a marketing/branding and a PR issue.

Edit: Sorry, Christian. I was obviously typing this when you last posted.

Hope it works out.

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Re: Love all my JO products except graters broke in a month.

Sorry Guys and thanks i really am just a passionate foodie and really respect Jamie... But also would like to think that things with his name on should be consistent with his outlook that's all.
I know he and his business cannot monitor everything so by shooting a couple of photo's through at least they get the feedback to sort it out if there is an issue rather than the buyer just throwing them out and bagging Jamie.....

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Re: Love all my JO products except graters broke in a month.

Hi Christian500 - I've had nothing through to the editor account from the contact form. I'm sorry if you've been using it in vain - I'm not sure why it's been fruitless. I will email you directly to the address associated with your account, if that's alright?

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