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#1 Wed 16 Jan 13 9:55pm


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cat spay uk, cost?

My brothers kitten has just become a cat. And she is really irritating!!!!!
Has anyone here had their female cat fixed?

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#2 Wed 16 Jan 13 9:56pm


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Re: cat spay uk, cost?

It's the only way!  They reproduce so fast, it is not at all nice to let that go on.  And, life is better after, a lot better.

Can't say what the cost is in the U.K.  Here, some vets do it for no cost because it is the most humane approach for the cats and for humans.  It is worth every penny, no matter what it costs.

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#3 Thu 17 Jan 13 7:08am


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Re: cat spay uk, cost?

Ah-ha, you've now entered my territory.
Yes, your brother's teenage cat will only benefit from being neutered/spayed.  There are hundreds of cats being neglected simply because undoctored cats only exist for one thing;  passing on their genes, hence using their spraying techniques to mark out their terrritory, thus creating far too many unwanted kittens.
No, it's not cheap these days in the UK.  The advice is, research owning a cat (and a dog come to that) and decide whether you can afford to have one or not.
Our domestic animal homes, ie Battersea Dog/Cat Home are constantly taking in unwanted pets or abandoned kittens/puppies because the less than responsible owners didn't think it through.
Said my bit now  sad although I could go on.

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#4 Thu 17 Jan 13 8:57am


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Re: cat spay uk, cost?

ugg boots aren't going to stop cats breeding... roll  roll

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#5 Thu 17 Jan 13 10:54am


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Re: cat spay uk, cost?

wine~o wrote:

ugg boots aren't going to stop cats breeding... roll  roll

Maybe if they are wearing them it just might work!

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