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Re: Tesco "Value range" Beef burgers....

As one poster here said "they are selling us water" . 

Well, if only our general water supply (y'know, the stuff that comes out of our drinking taps) was safe, i.e., non-toxic, then we would all be reasonably healthy, wouldn't we?

Even I am wary of the vegetables I grow (or try to) in my garden, with no pesticides whatsoever.  Maybe I should just give up eating altogether? help

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Re: Tesco "Value range" Beef burgers....

@Lesley-M I hear you! but you may not like this...
"The fact of the matter is… Bottled water may be hurting your health. A new study suggests plastic bottles release small amounts of chemicals over long periods of time." … hs-busted/

Since most bottled water is just filtered tap water your better off just filtering the water your self wink

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Re: Tesco "Value range" Beef burgers....

The fact that it isn't on the packaging makes me think...what else do I consume that isn't what it says on the tin!  sad  sad

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Re: Tesco "Value range" Beef burgers....

thats why I make them for my family Louise , they are so easy to make and much tastier ( so Im told , I don't eat them myself )

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Re: Tesco "Value range" Beef burgers....

Horses can have medicine that is not good for humans. It was not found in the Tesco case. But if you do eat Horse, it must be one that has been reared for such a purpose, not just any old horse.
My main concern is that pressure on the cheaper end of the market, is probably the reason, for something different going in the mix.
I have worked for a company that supplies U.K. supermarkets, it is very cutthroat.
A good butcher, homemade, burgers are a good thing to experiment with in the kitchen. I had a superb burger from Bread Street, (sorry Jamie). Barbecoa, has the best chips though (sorry Gordon).
Hey a new thread.

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