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Jamie Magazine

Not sure if this is the best place to post this but I was hoping somebody could help me with the issues I've been having with delivery of the Jamie Magazine.

I purchased a years subscription about 3 weeks ago having seen an advert in a magazine I got with my Sunday paper as a Christmas present for my parents.  I was assured on the phone that if I selected the Christmas issue this would be delivered well before Christmas.  I duly selected this issue.

The free gift turned up about 10 days ago (delivered to the wrong address which was luckily my neighbour so he dropped it around).  However, when the beginning of this week came with no magazine I decided to telephone to find out what was going on.

When I rang on Tuesday I was told that it had been despatched and I should expect it within a day or so.  When nothing had arrived by Thursday I emailed as I was unable to phone but got no response.

Extremely concerned I rang again yesterday morning to be told that it can take 10 days for the magazine to be delivered but that the delivery company had told them that it would definitely be delivered Friday or Saturday.

Well it's now Saturday evening and still no magazine.  I suppose it could turn up Monday but I'm not holding out any hope so much so that I've gone to the shops to buy a copy of the magazine so at least I can give this as a present.

When hunting around for this this evening I've found the terms and conditions on the Jamie Magazine website.  Imagine my surprise when I note that it can take up to 8 WEEKS for the first issue to arrive.  I wasn't told that when I ordered.

To say I am upset and angry is an understatement.  A lot of thought went into this present and due to the inneptitude of the staff on the order line its going to be ruined.

All advice gratefully recieved here.



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Re: Jamie Magazine

Welcome to the forum Dave smile

I ordered a subscription for one of my daughters which started with the Christmas Issue.
For her , the magazine arrived before the free gift .

If the company tell you that its been dispatched then I would imagine that it is somewhere within the postal system , being Christmas things do sometimes take ages and although the posties try to keep up ad deliver any backlog I am sure the extra volume of post that comes with all the extra parcels, packets and letter must be a huge strain to cope with.

My magazine turned up today .
One thing I am wondering ... is the address right as you said that the gift got delivered to a neighbour ?

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Re: Jamie Magazine

Thanks Mummza.

Still no sign today.  Address is correct as I've checked with them.

The really frustrating thing is if I'd known I'd have selected the following issue....

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Re: Jamie Magazine

Hi Dave

Although I can't give you any advice I can sympathise with you as I have had similar experiences with the magazine. I subscribed last year and reported receiving January 2013's edition as damaged on 2nd January. I didn't get a reply from the email and still haven't received a replacement magazine.

I also brought someone a gift subscription for Christmas and the gift card wasn't received until well after Christmas and I still haven't received the gift at all. It was a shame not to have anything to give to my relative on Christmas day.

Both experiences have frustrated me as emails went unanswered and phone calls have been met with really unhelpful responses from the "customer service" team.

I've found the whole thing really disappointing. I also brought a different relative a magazine subscription from a different company and the two experiences couldn't have been more different. I ordered at the same time, was sent the confirmation letter, gift card and complimentary first edition within 3 days of placing the order.

Let us know if your problem did get resolved!

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Re: Jamie Magazine

ugg.. roll

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Re: Jamie Magazine

I did it, Wino~O. Did you?

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