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#11 Thu 14 Jun 12 4:46pm


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Re: chocolate toothpaste dessert/tart

Hi all, been ages since I posted, often visit but to follow you all - but been feeling low of late and not wanting to depress any way this is something I make to please my sweettooth hubby

Coffee Chocolate Flan

7” pastry flan case or biscuit base

25g cornflour
2 tsp instant coffee
375 ml milk
100g sugar
25 g butter
2 tbsp cocoa

Blend cornflour, coffee and cocoa with little cold milk until smooth.

Bring rest of milk to boil and pour onto paste stirring all the time.

Pour mixture back into saucepan bring back to the boil stirring all the time.

When thick add the butter and sugar and beat until shiny.

Pour into pastry case and leave to set.

Sprinkle with grated chocolate or chopped nuts..


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#12 Fri 15 Jun 12 2:16am


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Re: chocolate toothpaste dessert/tart

So lovely to see you here Earthmum, sending you lots of best wishes and all good things wave

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#13 Sat 19 Jan 13 1:44pm


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Re: chocolate toothpaste dessert/tart

Chocolate toothpaste tart does come from Bedfordshire and doesn't have mint in it but I imagine it would be nice like that. We had it at school and its a favourite on fire stations. The "toothpaste" comes from the consistency, nothing else, and with imagination the sugar content can be reduced. It's definitely yummy.

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#14 Sun 20 Jan 13 10:59am


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Re: chocolate toothpaste dessert/tart

Hi Earthmum, sorry you've been feeling low. Don't get off the Web, it's been a lifeline to me during low times - the snark blogs do wonders for me.

Loving all these chocolate tart recipes - mmm.

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#15 Mon 21 Jan 13 10:16am


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Re: chocolate toothpaste dessert/tart

Look what I found when sorting through some of mums old cookery books, it was on a scrap of paper being used as a book mark I assume !!

School Chocolate tart,
3oz margarine
6oz sugar
1oz instant hot chocolate powder
1oz cocoa powder
9oz dried milk powder
150ml warm water
Ready made pastry case

Cream together margarine and sugar until smooth.

Add hot chocolate powder and cocoa powder to the margarine/sugar mix and cream together well.

Mix dried milk powder and warm water together in a separate bowl until smooth.

Blend both mixes together very well until smooth and thick.

Pour into a ready made pastry case and put in the refrigerator until set.

Is this it ??????????


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#16 Thu 24 Jan 13 6:55pm


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Re: chocolate toothpaste dessert/tart

hahaha i actually thought this sounds interesting...chocolate toothpaste! smile

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#17 Sun 21 Apr 13 6:18pm


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Re: chocolate toothpaste dessert/tart

|Hi I come from Bedford and your chocolate toothpaste recipe is spot on, one of the school cooks wrote out the recipe for me when my children were growing up it has a swirl of cream on the top too.  also some of the cake shops used to sell it up to 10 years ago I do know, although I no longer live in Bedford my daughter does and we have it when I go to visit, in fact I cooked it today for my grown up son, !!!!  as a child we used to love it as did my children, although I do find it a bit sweet now.
thanks for bringing back good memories for me  yummy

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#18 Sun 22 Sep 13 8:56am

Mrs Chappie

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Re: chocolate toothpaste dessert/tart

Well Joobes, I'm from Leicester originally, and my mam was a dinner lady, and she got the recipe for me years ago, in the 1970s, as it was a favourite of mine too smile They broke it down into a family sized amount. You blind bake a pastry case, shortcrust is best, as sweet short is too sweet to go with the rather sickly filling.  Here is the filling:
3 oz Margarine
3 oz Sugar
1/2 oz Cocoa
10 oz Dried Milk Powder (Whole Milk)
3/8 pint Water ( 7-1/2 fl oz)
Beat margarine, sugar and cocoa powder until creamy and soft, then beat in milk powder and water into the mixture alternatively until smooth, pour into pastry case, then leave to set. When set, pipe cream rosettes on the top.
This recipe is the real McCoy, I guarantee!  It's not to everyone's taste, I have found, I think it's one of those recipes you have to have grown up with, like mushy peas!  lol

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#19 Sun 22 Sep 13 11:29am


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Re: chocolate toothpaste dessert/tart

Welcome to the forum Mrs Chappie  big_smile

The real mcCoy ... lol
Looks like you are going to be great fun around the forum , I hope you post loads of things  big_smile

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#20 Sun 09 Mar 14 1:55am


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Re: chocolate toothpaste dessert/tart

It does come from Bedfordshire I grew up in Sandy and we had it in our school for pudding and it was lush and still is i made it the other day and it brought so many memories back

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