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Re: Victoria sponge

hippytea wrote:

mummza wrote:

*butter ( dont be tempted to use margarine , olive spread or spreadable butter , use the block butter )

I am much less fussy than this, I usually use spreadable butter and have been known to use margarine with acceptable results. It probably depends how high your standards are for flavour, but it was fine from my point of view - it was cake, and it was tasty. I find pure butter is harder to cream into the sugar.

The only real disappointments I've had are with margarine spefically marketed as low-fat, e.g. Flora Light. They didn't give good results - I'm now trying to remember exactly what went wrong. I think the cake was heavy.

Whilst you can acheive reasonable results using margarine the flavour is quite different if you use butter in a cake rather than a margarine , also I have noticed a difference in texture.
I have been able to acheive a better tasting lighter sponge cake that does not dry out so fast if I use butter.

If you look at the ingredients got lurpak spreadable you can see why I do not suggest using spreadable butter to make cakes. … ly-salted/

I have bought lurpak spreadable for years as it was a good way of getting my darling not to spread butter so thickly onto bread and toast , I often put a bit onto vegetables after they had been cooked , however I do not use it in baking.
I have stopped buying lurpak spreadable as I noticed that as it melted it left a fair amount of watery deposit in the dish rather than a buttery oily looking one , it has also lost a great deal of its taste.
So we have decided to go back to using only the block butter and to keep it at a spreadable consistency we cut a smallish amount off the block and place it under a pottery butter bell .

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