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Enamel Dutch Oven - What Size to Get?

I've recently started to really cook at home and I've been picking up the tools I need as I go. Over the past couple of months I've been cooking my way through Jamie's 15 Minutes meals and I've really enjoyed it.

However, one piece of equipment I'm sorely lacking is an enamel dutch oven. I've gotten by using the few pots and a rice cooker I have, but most are really just too small for some of the one pot time savers Jamie has in the book.

I'm ready to upgrade, but I'm hoping for some advice as to which size would be the best to get to compliment the recipes in 15 Minute Meals. I'm between a 6-quart and a 7.5-quart. Any advice is appreciated.

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Re: Enamel Dutch Oven - What Size to Get?

The one that gets used the most in our house is an oval one that used to belong to my father , it fits a whole chicken .
It's a Le Cruset and  must be around 35 years old, but very probably older .
My only advice is to get one that suits your family.

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Re: Enamel Dutch Oven - What Size to Get?

I have a larger one, i think its 7 quarts. I love it.  But i do agree with mummza go with one that fits your familes needs

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Re: Enamel Dutch Oven - What Size to Get?

Can't beat a Dutch oven, phnar phnar!

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