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steamed fish

I've watching "Jamie's fish suppers" on TV now, I wondering, I'm a chinese, I would make "steamed fish", it's very common in chinese cooking, we also steam with oil, ginger, garlic, spring onion, pickled lemon, or some  pickled vegetables, add some soy sauce when done. 
It's chinese recipes. Any western recipes of steamed fish?

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Re: steamed fish

I like to steam white fish with leeks and fresh root ginger - makes a very tasty meal.

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Re: steamed fish

I like to steam salmon filets. 

First in a pan I sautee some shallots chili pepper and garlic in olive oil.  Splash with vermouth or white wine and add some chopped parsley or whatever herb you like.  Place the fish in carefully, cover and let it poach.  The bottom of it poaches, the top of it steams.  When the fish is cooked to your desired tenderness remove from the pan.  Reduce the sauce by half, add a pat of butter and a squeeze of lemon and then drizzle over the fish.

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