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#11 Thu 14 Feb 13 10:17pm


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Re: Dinnertime with children !!!

BritFinn wrote:

Hi lestat_68 welcome to the forums.

I like to ask my children what they would like to eat in the coming week.  It's always good to have someone make a suggestion as you tend to get more variety.  Sometimes they even surprise you.  Only this week when I asked them, my 12 year old son said salad!  Not a thing you would normally expect a child to suggest big_smile

Good luck.

Thanks a lot BrittFinn.
As you said, to asking the children for options they want to eat, anticipating, for sure generates a good answer about it. Besides the "waiting game" between the proposal and the eating time always results for the children an special effect.

Hasta pronto... wink

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