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ingredients for all recipe's in JO Books - available online

having bought the 15min meals book I am really keen to get planning ahead and adding things to the weekly grocery list.

Ideally I would be able to just download all the ingredients need for a recipe to a shopping app like evernote or springpad.
Does anyone know if something like this being available for the Jamie Oliver books ? I don't care about the instructions for making the meal (that's why you buy the book).. I just want the list of ingredients and ammt etc.

Even better woudl be a way to aggregate all the items I need for the recipes I want to make for the week into one list.... but I guess you have to start simple.

BTW:  I am aware of apps that have recipes (recipe search, bigoven etc) and can build the shopping list but I really hate using a phone or table to read a recipe...

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