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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Katerl wrote:

I am a mother from 1,5 years old boy and cooking for him is very difficult. At the one hand he doesn´t like everything (for example green vegetables..) and on the other hand he is not allowed to eat/drink cow milk. But it should also be suitable for adults, because he only eats what we eat. You can see it is a little bit difficult.  sad
Am desperately looking for suitable recipes!!!
Could anybody help me please????   help 
Thanks a lot

Hi Katerl,
It is very common for littlies to hate green vegetables. Apparently they are very sensitive to the slight bitterness. I got around this by buying fresh and cooking  fresh - ie the longer they are in the fridge the more bitter they get. I sold broccoli florets to my daughter as 'trees' and she has had fun eating trees with her meals. Growing peas and letting your littlie pick and eat them when they are lovely and sweet can be a good trick too.

Re the dairy free, I bet everything you think of cooking contains dairy! But check through Jamie's recipes and others here and you will find dairy free ones that will suit your family! Promise!

Also, here is a thread about children and food that you might find useful or at least be able to feel you are not alone.

Best wishes smile

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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi Jamie ! I was trying to make ganache the other day but it turned out runny. Instead of whipped cream, the recipe I followed stated that I should use 200g chocolate and 200ml thickened cream. I only used a little to decorate my cake. What can I do with the rest of it ? Can I add something to make a chocolate mousse ? Regards !

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Re: Ask me a cooking question

jasleen - soften it and dip fruit and biscuits in it as a fondue. We did this with leftover ganache recently. SO GOOD.

Katerl: kids are always fussy about things they're unfamiliar with. It can be so hard. But I would say, just keep putting them in front of him and set some basic rules. In our house it's:

1. You have to try a bit of everything (however tiny)
2. You don't complain about your food

So it doesn't matter if she decides she doesn't like it and leaves most of it on her plate, but she has to try a bit first, and she's not allowed to complain or be rude about her food.

To me, that's more important than overcoming fussiness. Maybe she'll learn to love carrots, maybe she won't. That's her choice. But she has to be able to face an unexpected plate of food and be polite about it. When adults don't like something, we don't scream and complain. We say nothing and leave it to one side. Kids have to learn that.

Also, keeping putting it in front of her leaves the door open for her to change her mind. Kids are very fickle

As for practical recipes, if he persistently refuses his veg, hidden veg is great. Try putting pureed butternut squash in macaroni cheese (tried this for the first time last week, it is really tasty actually - just make regular cheese sauce and then add squash a bit at a time until it looks right), and you can hide anything in tomato pasta sauce if you have a hand blender. Also try adding grated apple or celery to meatballs or meatloaf or home made sausage rolls. Also feed him plenty of fruit and give him baked beans for lunch every now and then. Maybe not great from a salt and sugar point of view (though they've improved) but they're awesome for fibre.

But I would say, even if there's hidden veg in the main, keep putting veg on the side. It's a normal part of a meal, let him get used to seeing it there.

Let me know if you want recipes for any of these ideas and I'll try writing them down, I tend to make them from memory.

eta: hidden veg is great for adults, too. Most of us could do with eating less meat and more veg! I do it a lot, even if the little one's in bed!

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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hello Thistledo, Hello JoyYamDaisy, Hello hippytea,

thank you so much for your help and recipes. First I will read all of them and I´m shure I will find some witch he likes.  smile
Wish you all a great easter with a lots of yummy eags and chocolate..... yummy

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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi. I was wondering how to make a chicken and mushroom pie.
I found the recipe the other day and cant find it again. Can anyone help me as i want to make it again as it was delicious

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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi Jamie, my name is Maja and I'm thirteen. Today I made your morocian food from one of your 30 minutes meal program. I saw the program last year and makes it quite often because it's really good! But when I make my tortillas in the oven, they don't get as fluffy as your tortillas. I wash the bakingpaper and then wrap the tortillas in it. And the tortillas are covered with oliveoil and herbs but they don't get as fluffy anyway. What setting do you have on your oven? It would have been really fun to show you a picture of the food. Can you load up a picture in the forum? I was at your resturant Jamies Italian in Kingston last week. It was so good! I ate a crabrisotto and bought two cutting boards which are lovely to serve food on. I love it in your programs when you serve it on your boards.  I understand if you don't answer but would be very happy if you did. Thank you and have a nice week!

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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Welcome Flavour...  stick around you never know who's going to respond...

smile  big_smile

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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Hi Jamie

Where could I find you delicious recipe for the quinoa & bulgar wheat salad I had at your Italian in Reading the other day?

Many thanks

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Re: Ask me a cooking question

dear jamie:
i'm a great fan, and i see you every day on TV from spain.
my familly loves your meals.
i have bougth your 30 minute meals book and i have a problem.
when i want to see your videos following your main page link, it says me that the video that i want to see is blocked in my area (spain). what can i do to solve this problem? any other page where i can see your videos?
even in youtube, it says me that the videos are not available in my area.
yours sincerlly.


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Re: Ask me a cooking question

Dear Jamie,
I have bought fresh green almonds today. What can I do with them?
(Except for to cook them in syrup or eat them as they are with some salt. )
Thank you for your help!

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