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#1 Sun 24 Feb 13 1:57pm


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dear all

Hello everyone! I'm a Hungarian housewife and I'm here to gather and swap ideas to amaze (is there such a word in English?!) my family: my husband and my 18 month-old son. We love spenidng time together and cooking is a "family hobby". smile
Hungarian cuisine is said (and supposed) to be fine: bit spicy  but full of excellent dishes! Hope to give and get good tips!
PS:Sorry for any misspellings!

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#2 Sun 24 Feb 13 2:14pm


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Re: dear all

welcome to the forum emese.andre  smile

We had a lovely week in Budapest a couple of years ago and have plans to return there before too long , I agree the hungarian cuisine that we had was good, we ate out most of the time as we were on holiday .
There was an amazing food market in Budapest and upstairs there were cafes , I remember wating the little dumplings which were a bit like irregular slaped tiny pieces of pasta type dough , I think they get refered to as 'pinched dumplings' .
I would like to know a good recipe for making those if you have the time to write it down here on the forum.

What I noticed about the hungarian food is that there were a lot of peppers used in it , not so much hot peppers but the milder pepper that is eaten as a vegetable.

Maybe you could start a thread about Hungarian food , I think we would all be interested.

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#3 Sun 24 Feb 13 2:51pm


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Re: dear all

It's nice to have you here on the forum.  I loved visiting Budapest - great people, place and food, amazing place really.

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#4 Sun 24 Feb 13 5:25pm


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Re: dear all

ciao  from Friuli emese.andre and welcome with your enthusiasm. I often think many tips in my family recipes have something hungarian, such as adding raisins to codfish recipe, I ate as child but did only once for my husband.

Have a nice time feeding your beautiful family and share tips with us big_smile wave

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#5 Mon 25 Feb 13 9:17am


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Re: dear all

Hi and welcome.

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#6 Mon 25 Feb 13 7:07pm


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Re: dear all

Welcome to the forums  smile

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#7 Tue 26 Feb 13 10:25am


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Re: dear all

Welcome! Let me know if I can help at all - I daresay everyone will make you feel comfortable, however.

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#8 Tue 26 Feb 13 4:40pm


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Re: dear all

Welcome to JO's!

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#9 Fri 08 Mar 13 2:41pm


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Re: dear all

Reported hmm

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