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Jamie's ministry of food van.

Just to say, me and my 15 year old son have just come home from Jamie's ministry of food van in Bendigo Australia. It was our first session and cannot wait till next week. The teacher Jane was excellent, very knowledgable.
Having cooked for years I wasn't expecting to learn anything new, but I did! And was a bit upset that Jacob done better than me! Welldone Jamie and Jane!
Plus a great volunteer, I feel bad I forgot her name! thumbsup

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Re: Jamie's ministry of food van.

My Brit husband and I own Farmers Gastropub in Springfield, MO USA. Not a big city and not on the east coast or the west coast but we are making great strides in serving fresh real food.  Locally sourced. We just got our second year in a row recognition in the Telegraph for expats.  Check it out!  And come see us when you want to take a road trip on the old Route 66! … nners.html
Cheers!  Christina Fugitt-Griffiths

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Re: Jamie's ministry of food van.

call me old fashioned....Indeed, Call me anything you like...There is a place for a "PUB" and that place is here in "Blighty"...


Naah, I'd rather have a choice of Pasty...

"How would you like your Pasty??? Hot or cold???" whistle

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