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Why Do My Loaves Collapse?

I have been making bread for months and every once in a while after I let the loaves rise in their loaf pans they look great.  However, after a few minutes in the oven they collapse in the center.  Why does this happen?  The bread is still good but it won't stay risen.  Making sandwiches with it is a pain because the width is ok but the height isn't... help

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Re: Why Do My Loaves Collapse?

Welcome to the initial thought are...oven not pre-heated or the bread needs another few minutes in the oven...

Though if you can post what recipe you are using, we may have more of a clue....

Edit for typo...why is Y next to T??

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Re: Why Do My Loaves Collapse?

Welcome to the forum Elucidator smile

My darling always makes all the bread in our house and this also happens with some of his brown loaves .
There seems to be no real reason that it happes sometimes as its generally the same brand of flour that he used, however it has happened a few times with the Hovis flour.

It can also happen if the dough is a bit wet .

I am presuming that yu do not open the oven door as the loaf starts to cook.

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