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gluten -free bread & Fish cakes

im new.
I need help to cook gluten-free bread (corn, barley, whatever...) but gluten-free as both me and my 7 years old  daughter have serious allergies and intollerances.
I tried and tied over and over again but the bread i cook looks like....well i need to throw it away...

Also  my daughter need to eat fish and it seems like in any way i make it its not good enough.

I am frustrated very much! My daughter is also sick and in need to eat, trout or salmon or cod.
Tried to coat the cod in corn flour (really fine one) i loved it she hated it.
Tried with trout in oven with salt and parsley and lemon....she hated it, i loved it.  I would love to try some fishcakes and vegs in  it, so she won`t smell or taste fish, but i cannot find a nice recepy for it.

Any advice?

What about rice bread? We are allowed ONE cereal per time, not a mix. We use instant yeast and grapeseed oil, salt and water. Comes out horrible!!!!!   Corn bread? I love corn, she does it too but i cannot make a nice softy bread with it....!!!! JAMIE HELP !!! many thanks annamaria fasulo

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Re: gluten -free bread & Fish cakes

Welcome Fasulo... … 81&p=1

Is "THE" gluten free thread, read it all at your the meantime it's never a cunning plan to post personal stuff on a forum like phone numbers...I've reported your post so's the mods/admin can remove your details ...

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Re: gluten -free bread & Fish cakes

On the fish front try just pan frying after coating lightly in rice flour with salt and pepper. If that doesn't work then maybe talk to a dietitian for advice, they may have another suggestion such as supplements if she won't eat it.

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Re: gluten -free bread & Fish cakes

Hello Fasulo.....welcome to the JO forum.

There are many people who post on this forum who have allergies and intolerance's in their diet so as well as the responses already  posted, I do hope you get further feedback.

One blog from a vegan from Taunton England is very active in his blog diary and posts many recipes for gluten free etc....including many easy to follow bread recipes. This chap (Paul Youd) does a lot in his local community introducing people to vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and special diet foods and breads. His blog is worth a visit..

I hope you find the answers to your questions....


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