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Re: cake from scratch

I think a large part of that finer texture comes from the fact that most cake mixes in addition to flour also use corn starch, and  modified corn starches that  were modified to have properties that promote that finer texture.

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Re: cake from scratch

Hello homecook,

I learned to bake cake following the recipe's and instruction found in "The Cake Bible" by Rose Levy Beranbaum, William Morrow 1988.

Measuring rather than weighing ingredients (flour in particular) is the first mistake home cooks make. The companies that make cake mixes weigh everything, that's how they manage quality control so every mix is the same.

Next is the flour used; Swans Down cake flour is the only choice in my opinion.

Cake flour is milled from soft wheat, it has less protein, develops less gluten and makes a cake with lighter textured and finer crumb.

Bread flour is milled from hard wheat, has higher protein, develops more gluten and making a better loaf.

All Purpose flour is a blend of wheat with a protein level somewhere in between bread and cake flour. Making it a good choice for general use, yet (in my opinion) it will not make spectacular cake or bread.

Unfortunately, I do not have an original cake recipe to share with you though. The first place that comes to mind for someone to look (if they are not of a mind to by a book) is at the King Aurthur Flour website. King Aurthur also makes cake-mixes from the flour they mill.

Hope this can be of help,


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