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Re: Nora's Kitchen

a caring "olive branch" what a nice pic of me grazie Kris, I mus tkeep it in mind when I frown while being tought how to improove my being "la brava massaia" ("the good housekeeper???) .... it's time to be a little worse than better or????

buona settimana to you for me it's the end of quiet sunday receiving a wonderful drawing from one nipotina and listening to the first babytalking of the younger one on skype ...... looking forward to the big family gathering for Easter

wave big_smile

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Kiwi Kris

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Re: Nora's Kitchen

Mada! You are most welcome! And, thank you for your warm reply! kiss

Oh, how lovely for you yesterday (sunday) to receive a wonderful drawing from your grandchild & the baby chatting away to you on Skype too - how adorable!!! big_smile ...And, yes Easter isn't far away now!

Tomorrow, I am wisking-away again to play Grandma to our cutie-pie grandson!

Must fly 10mins Gordon Ramsey's; Kitchen Nighmares, will begin on the telly tonite - another week has flown-by so fast again!

Enjoy your week ahead dear, Mada, Ann, Sandy, Maree & All! wave

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Happy New Year/2015 to you ALL! :-)
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Re: Nora's Kitchen

Hi Mada and Minnie!  wave  Good to see you here.  Hope everyone has a great week, too.  kiss

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