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#1 Thu 28 Mar 13 3:12pm


Member since Thu 28 Mar 13

Howdy! :)

Hi all, just joined the forum. I'm just sat here eating a lamb stew I cooked on my rocket stove... It's not much but I have to say it's darn tasty smile So hi again, hope I can find some useful tips on here   thumbsup

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#2 Thu 28 Mar 13 3:25pm


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From North Carolina
Member since Thu 15 Jul 04

Re: Howdy! :)

Danny,  Welcome to the forum.     smile

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#3 Fri 29 Mar 13 1:34pm


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From Durban South Africa
Member since Thu 24 Jun 04

Re: Howdy! :)

Hi Danny and welcome

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#4 Sat 30 Mar 13 1:10am


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From Newcastle, Australia
Member since Sat 10 Mar 07

Re: Howdy! :)

Hi Danny and welcome wave

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#5 Tue 23 Apr 13 10:10am


Member since Tue 23 Apr 13

Re: Howdy! :)

Hello to all people and welcome here to all newbies..

this forum is on the food. i like to make recipes for me many times..

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