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Hi everyone, hope you all had a lovely Easter!

I bought a big fillet of tuna today, about 6 kg and I've a couple of questions.
For tonights dinner I'm doing a couple of grilled steaks. Do you think that a sweet potato mash would go well with it? Apart from a salad.

Also, since its a big piece, I wouldnt like to have it all in steaks. Do you have any suggestions for it?
I've seen a couple of interesting recipes here but I'd like to hear about your great experiences with tuna.

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Re: Tuna

seem to remember eating a tuna steak with a sherry sauce on rice in a Spanish restaurant some years ago...

Though I normally just grill it with a lemon/oil dressing...

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Re: Tuna

Sweet potato mash sounds nice.

You could always put something sharp or zingy along with it, like a salsa of some kind.

I did tuna steaks once with a green apple salsa. It worked well.

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