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Re: How many days a week do you eat vegetarian meals ?

I don't eat meatless meals as often as I did when I was single.. there were times that i would go 4 or 5 days before I would realize that I hadn't eaten meat.   Even now we often eat meatless meals . I make a distinction between vegetarian and meatless simply because  many of the meals will have things that a vegetarian would  not eat.  Homemade chicken stock in risotto  ,  a fillet of anchovy in a putanesca sauce  etc.

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Re: How many days a week do you eat vegetarian meals ?

Oh good point , Ashen .
I suppose that I don't think about the difference between meatless and vegetarian as I am vegetarian so automaticly use vegetable stoch when I make dishes. Rissotto in our house is always made from vegetable stock.
I never use anchovies as I am allergic to fish.

I do make chicken or turkey stock , not for myself but for making soup etc for the family .

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Re: How many days a week do you eat vegetarian meals ?

mummza wrote:

Its not that I did not like the fish , koukouvagia , but more that I was very wary of giving the children fish as I an allergic to it as was my father , I was anxious for them as I was unaware wether they might have the same allergy or not.
Forthuatly it transpires that they can all eat fish but I was not to know that at the time.

Anyway they ate loads of vegetables and would happily eat any vegetarian meal .
They all also ate and enjoyed meat , Times like during Lent I found that some of them would gve up eating meat and so were totally vegetarian during that time.

Oh sorry, must have read your post to mean that you didn't give fish because you didn't like it.  As a mother myself I can certainly relate to the fear of allergies!  Luckily your kids are allergy free and moving on to fish, it really does offer so many nutritional benefits smile

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