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#4361 Tue 30 Apr 13 9:46am


From Dhaka
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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Jamie wrote:

Hi guys - welcome to the forums!

This is the part of the site where you can introduce yourself to other people and let us know a little bit about you. I love the fact that there are people from all over the world on the forums, you all make my site a special place to be!

Thanks guys and enjoy!

Love Jamie O xxx

Guys, I am new here and would like to have your all around support. Thanks

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#4362 Tue 30 Apr 13 6:57pm


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forum krrahman smile

What sort of things do you enjoy cooking ?

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#4363 Wed 15 May 13 8:39pm


From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi Jamie and all Jamie's fan!
I have been a fan since you were cooking of that flat in London and had your scooter. Followed your move to your first house where the kitchen looked very cottagy. Then you became Jay Kay's neighbour, had that healthy garden patch as compared to your herbs garden by the window in that flat. Followed you in your Italian escapade series then off to the states. Respected you even more in Food Revolution.

I enjoy a bit of cooking and i sometimes do volunteer cooking at my local soup kitchen. I have a habit of fusing food with Malaysian taste, a colourful country where i reside now. I used to live in the UK, had my first job, got married, had my first 3 lovely children before returning home.

I would love to share my passion for cooking and would be very honoured if you guide me. When are you coming to Kuala Lumpur? Really would love to meet you in person after all these years.
Thanks. Happy days!

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#4364 Fri 17 May 13 10:29am

Cooking Bart

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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi everybody!
Let me introduce myself......
I live in the Netherlands. I'm a father of 2 lovely kiddo's and happily married! My English is a bit rusty sow forgive me my mistakes please:)

I love cooking and grow my own vegetables. I like to trie new things. Also trie new things growing in the garden.
Normally I use as much as possible the vegetables fresh as they come of the ground. Sow when I start cooking, I first roam in my garden for 15 minutes and end up with a lot af stuff in the kitchen. Then I trie start making something edible of it:)
But in winter wee need to eat as well sow we have 2 big freezers, and we pickle and preserve a lot as well.
When we have a lot of white cabbages, savoy or so, I make my own sauerkraut. When you make it in the summer you can eat it the whole winter!!

I like the way Jamie cooks! Its simple, rustic and good! Go on Jamie!!

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#4365 Mon 20 May 13 9:13pm


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hello everyone, just found this site, and it's like a dream come true! I've always been a fan of your style of cooking, and I'm loving the way you seem to just chuck food together and it comes out perfect!!  Really looking forward to using this marvellous site. xxxxx smile

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#4366 Thu 30 May 13 1:44pm


Member since Thu 30 May 13

Re: Welcome to the forums!

Yeah im geofferson cats. i'm homosexual and i love cooking. who likes pancakes? i can cook pancakes.

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#4367 Tue 15 Oct 13 5:17am


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

is there a way on your site for menu planning and shopping lists
I have 30 min and 15 min also save with jamie and would like to be able to do menu planning and shopping list from these books  smile

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#4368 Thu 02 Jan 14 6:35am


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi, I have just found this site and am really happy to be a member.  I have some food issues like intolerance to Wheat and Gluten as well as Lactose, so I am always looking for new recipes to try.  Glad to be a part of this site, Jamie, love your cooking  smile

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#4369 Thu 02 Jan 14 10:33am


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi Skippie and welcome! Look forward to hearing more from you smile.

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#4370 Thu 02 Jan 14 10:38am


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Re: Welcome to the forums!

Hi Skippie and welcome

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