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Making burgers

With all this to do about burgers I have bought myself a burger press from Lakelands.  We aren't burger eaters as the norm, but they are rather good on the BBQ  big_smile

On Saturday I made turkey with lemon and basil ones and they were rather good.

I would really love some more ideas, what does every one else but in their burgers.  Would love some veggie recipies if anyone has any.


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Re: Making burgers

With beef I am a bit of a purist..    Salt , pepper and that is all generally  and I prefer to grind my own when I have time.  .. I like a  blend of equal parts sirlion  , chuck with half part brisket

Occasionally I will make   stuffed burgers. ... two thin patties  with a medalion of flavoured cheese in the middle.  I forget exactly who I picked this up from on JO but it is on one of the older threads.     basically grated cheese  mixed with garlic and maybe some crumbled bacon formed into a log and wrapped in plastic wrap   then frozen til fairly firm.   slice the log into medallions and lay between the two thin patties which you then seal up around the edge.  you do this just before cooking so that the still very cold medalion  will just  be melted when the meat  is done.  yummy

These are the  chicken  burgers  I made last week   .. they sort of  taste like chicken chili con carne and  are pretty good with thin sliced onion , tomato and avocado. yummy  yummy

1 lb ~ 454 gr minced chicken
4 gr kosher salt  This is fairly well seasoned  at just under  1 percent by weight . if you have issues with salt or like less seasoned   you can cut back certainly
3gr dried oregano
3gr onion powder
3gr garlic powder
3gr fresh ground black pepper
4gr prepared chili powder

very thin patties formed on  pieces of waxed or parchment paper  to make it easier to lay on the pan or grill.   hot pan or grill wiped with oil on a bit of toweling just before adding the patties to keep from sticking.

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Re: Making burgers

If I am going to add something like onion or mushrooms to the burgers that I make I usually chop it fine and sauté it a little first .
This just removes some of the moisture from then vegetable and takes the rawness off

I don't usually follow recipes for the burgers that I make , I just make them , but I never add things like breadcrumbs or other things that help absorb the moisture , I just work the meat a little till it starts to stick together , not too much or it becomes tough I'm told , add the other ingredients then form into burgers. I don't add egg to the meat like some people do as I have never found it necessary. 

I don't have a burger press and form the burgers by hand .

I don't exactly have a veggie burger recipe and haven't made them for a while as I prefer grilled vegetables or halhoumi slices grilled or  kebabs with halhoumi added, I sometimes rub the surface of halhoumi with spices to marinade it a while before it is grilled.
When I made veggie burgers it was a mix of lentils and other beans mashed with additions like Cumin  , minced fresh ginger , minced garlic , onion ,tomato purée  etc whatever I had to hand that I fancied adding on the day !
The mix needed to be made and chilled before forming into the burgers if it was too crumbly I just added some beaten egg but I tried to avoid that if I could . 
They are not the easiest things to grill as they tend to break up a bit.

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Re: Making burgers

I always keep my burgers pretty simple. Minced beef, salt, pepper and sometimes a bit of chopped Chili (preferably Habanero) if I'm in the mood for something spicy. And I always form them by hand, I don't know why but somehow it's kind of relaxing to do it. haha  tongue   lol

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