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#1 Fri 03 Feb 12 11:03am


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Mixed Seafood Spiedini


Back in July or August 2010 Jamie did a great recipe in Sainsbury's magazine for a mised seafood spiedini with a red pepper sauce, the spiedini had prawns, monkfish, ciabatta and pancetta on it, in an olive oil and orange dressing.

I am desperately trying to get hold of the recipe as I have lost it foe a supper next weekend, can anyone help?

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#2 Fri 03 Feb 12 11:46pm


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Re: Mixed Seafood Spiedini

I hope you can find it Rebecca. I hope someone can help!

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#3 Fri 03 Feb 12 11:58pm


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Re: Mixed Seafood Spiedini

I tried to find the recipe but without luck.

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#4 Sun 19 May 13 5:15am

Alan Weston

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Re: Mixed Seafood Spiedini

I want the recipe to but like you can't find it anywhere, sad

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