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Coconut Milk alternative

Hello All

I am looking for an alternative to using coconut milk  (and anything with coconut in it) in recipes as I am allergic to coconut.  I have searched and search and can't find an answer to something else I can use so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks  big_smile

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Re: Coconut Milk alternative

Welcome to the forum Cailly smile

This question was asked a short while ago ,
I don't think that a solution was found.

To me , replacing coconut milk with an alternative would depend on the recipe you plan to use it for .
Some recipes you can simply leave it out ,
some you could add something like a bit of cream
but when it's in things like a cake then those recipes are best avoided .

I am not sure if the food team can come up
with any ideas for you and I hope they will see this post .

Sorry I can't be more help.

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Re: Coconut Milk alternative

Me either. Sorry.

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