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Beef cuts, will this be ok?


I have a Silverside rosting joint in the freezer and I  want to cook the recipe on the link below, which calls for Beef Brisket.  Will the beef cut I have work? … t-chilli-1

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Re: Beef cuts, will this be ok?

side by side with the same dish made from a brisket the results would be noticeably different.   That being said, silverside  is well suited to a long slow braise and should pull apart quite nicely and the spicing will  keep it to a similar flavour profile.  It will be its own thing but still quite nice.

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Re: Beef cuts, will this be ok?

I've never cooked silverside. I know it's a lot leaner than brisket so will cook differently.

If I was you I'd check the meat earlier than it says for brisket - it may arrive at a point where it slices nicely and that might be better than pulling it, because of the lack of fat.

But this is just my instinct.

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Re: Beef cuts, will this be ok?

Hi, the results will be slightly different as it is a different cut of meat, however silverside does lend itself to long and slow cooking and will fall apart after 4 1/2 hours cooking so definitely give it a try. That's what cooking is all about. Have fun and I hope the results are delicious.

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