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Just eaten my last McD's!

I have just read the piece on how McDonalds is really prepared and was almost sick. I have allowed my family to eat this swill for years assuming that it was 'not too bad' because of all the marketing on high quality ingredients they use.
Never again and thank you Jamie for enlightneing me and my family whom I will now bully into never touching the stuff again.

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#2 Sun 25 Aug 13 3:48pm


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Re: Just eaten my last McD's!

Well done you.

We gave up Mackie D's after seeing the Supersize Me film but fell off the wagon last year for a bit. It's a bit like KFC in that I get the craving a fortnight after eating it. If I can resist I'm good for another year.

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Re: Just eaten my last McD's!

lol... essexlemon   .. is that a  movie reference to  so I married an axe murderer?

Only a fool argues with a skunk, a mule or a cook.  { cowboy saying}
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