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How to make a jelly layer in a tart

I've got a recipe for a baked tart that has a standard pastry crust with an orange jelly layer on the bottom and a ricotta/sugar/egg/marscapone tart filling on top. The whole tart is baked for 20 mins.

The method in the book is wrong, it says add gelatin to a reduced orange syrup to make the jelly. The melting point is the issue I feel as the two layers combine when baked. do I get a 2 layer tart with jelly on the bottom?

Thanks, Graham

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Re: How to make a jelly layer in a tart

Welcome to the forum londinium smile

I can't imagine how this would work either .. Sorry I am no help .

I think that without seeing the recipe it's hard for forum members to suggest how to cook the tart.
Could you write down the recipe and method for us please
( but you will need to say where you found it and possibly who's recipe it is )

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