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#31 Sun 23 Feb 14 9:01pm


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Re: pies

user2014 wrote:

for a great bacon and egg pie try annabel search. thumbsup

Thank you smile.

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#32 Sun 23 Feb 14 10:14pm

Kiwi Kris

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From New Zealand
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Re: pies

Maree wrote:

JoyYamDaisy wrote:

Hi Kris, Maree, Ashen, White Rabbit,

The pie that can fly is a magpie!

(you don't get much funnier than that!)

Maree I never got my mum's recipe for the egg and bacon pie we had growing up. When quiches came in I was a teenager and they seemed an elegant creamy version of an egg and bacon pie.

10 minutes later....

I found the recipe! … 1960s.html I am pretty sure the one we had was that simple, and I am not even sure the eggs were that well beaten, I remember it as blobby swirls of yellow and white.
There is a beautiful English egg and bacon pie with pastry top and bottom, but ours was extremely simple. I am so glad to have found the recipe.

Thanks, Joy! smile

Thanks too, Kris for the info on shoofly and calzone! smile

Always a/my pleasure, lovely Maree! kiss

Also! Thanks, User2014 - I will call you; Spas!  smile  ...I love, New Zealander Chef; Annabel Langbein! Recently her Cooking Show; The Free-Range Cook, screened here in N.Z.!  thumbsup

Happy New Year/2015 to you ALL! :-)
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#33 Sun 23 Feb 14 10:23pm


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Re: pies

user2014 wrote:

for a great bacon and egg pie try annabel search. thumbsup

Here is a link: … bacon-pie/

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#34 Mon 24 Feb 14 4:06pm


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From kuklen,plovdiv,bulgaria
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Re: pies

thanks joy for this link i will copy it- … bacon-pie/.

enjoying cooking easy and fast...
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